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Credit Score Range

The Fico credit score range varies between 300 - 850. A score of 300 would mean no bank or lender would go near you as you would be a huge credit risk. Alternatively a score of 850 would make you the absolute best candidate.

But it would be extremely rare to have a score at the absolute extreme and a better measure of understanding your credit score range would be this. Scores between 600 - 700 are considered to be average. Credit scores below 500 are considered to be very risky while a score over 700 is considered very good in the eyes of financial institutions.

Why would you worry about maintaining good credit?

Well it helps you get much better interest rates on your loans for housing, cars and other big purchases. These days even when you apply for a job or would like to rent a property they will asses your risk by checking your history.

 A credit report has all these details on it and its important to check it regularly for any mistakes. Most people will check there credit score a few times a year as identity theft affected about 10 million people last year in the united states and checking your report is important as most signs of identity theft will usually show up on your credit report right away.


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