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What’s in a Cheap Credit Report and Why They Are Important

Most people think that requesting for a credit report is costly. This has prevented some people from regularly requesting for a copy of such an important document. The truth, however, is that this document does not always come expensive. People can also request for a cheap credit report that still contains the same basic information that expensive credit reports have.

Here are three of the most important and basic elements contained in a credit report.

Personal Information. Credit reports contain personal information that includes your name, address, contact numbers, and work history, as well as your date of birth and social security number.

Credit Information. Credit information includes important financial information, such as your current loan amount and credit limit, your payment patterns and dues, and your remaining credit balance. This information significantly contributes to your chance of getting approved or declined in your loan or credit card applications.

Public Record Information. If you own a business that has gone bankrupt, the bankruptcy information will be included here. In fact, bankruptcy information can be included in the report for up to ten years. Tax liens that remain unpaid are also reflected on this report.

Aside from these three elements, another piece of information shown in the report is the list of companies that have viewed your credit standing. These are usually the lending companies and employers who have performed background checks on you.

It is important to remember that this document plays an important role in the different transactions that you are involved with. It shows where your credit currently stands, and reflects your attitude towards payments of bills and loans. And since this document shows your overall credit standing, this is where creditors would usually refer to in order to evaluate your applications.

There are a lot of reasons why regularly checking your credit report is advised. It does not only allow you to update your personal and financial information. It also gives you a chance to correct inaccurate information that might affect creditors’ decision to approve or decline your loan or credit card applications.

Also, checking on your report is a perfect way for you to maintain a healthy credit standing and to keep an excellent credit score. Your credit report is also a good basis for you to create a plan on how you can better fix your credit standing. And since credit reports that are unchecked for years are prone to fraudulent activities, regular checks on your report will help you easily track and detect suspicious activities on your accounts.

So, do not waste time, request for a cheap credit report now and start maintaining a health credit standing. Free credit report available on the next page.

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